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GP Services

Located in the modern and relaxing Springfield Suite within Spire Elland Hospital, Dr. Mark Wilshere can provide a full and comprehensive GP Service. With a focus on high quality care and speed of delivery, you will experience an efficient service from an experienced team. Dr. Wilshere has access to a full range of investigations and tests and these can usually be provided via Spire Elland Hospital much faster than you are used to. This in turn gets you the tests or treatment that you need much more timely and at times that suit you.  If you have used Spire Elland Hospital services before then you know you are in good hands. If you have never used the excellent service and facilities at Spire Elland then you will ask yourself why you didn't use them before!

Booking an appointment is quick and easy. Simply ring the Spire Elland GP team on 01422 324 069 and they will take care of all your needs and get you booked in as soon as possible.

01422 229 364

Blood tests


Blood tests

A full range of blood tests are available. Packages are also available where blood tests are grouped together to provide lower fees, but prices are competitive and good value throughout.

Reasons for blood tests

There are many reasons why you may need a blood test. This could be because you want your cholesterol or thyroid function checking. After a detailed consultation, Dr. Wilshere will discuss which blood tests are relevant to your needs and explain why they are being performed.

urine analysis


Urine analysis can be useful to check for infection but also to check for other things like protein or even cancerous cells. A bedside test can be useful to check for some of these parameters, but it may also be necessary to send your sample to the laboratory for further analysis.

The main reasons for urine analysis include; Infection, Kidney problems, Diabetes. More specialised tests are also available.


CT Scanner

CT Scanner

Whether your require an x-ray, CT scan or MRI scan, Dr. Wilshere can give you fast access to these services to help get the diagnosis you require. With expert Radiologists reporting on images and scans regularly, you do not need to wait long to get your result. The team can get you booked in for your scan and give you a date after you have seen Dr. Wilshere.



This test is very useful for a very large number of reasons. It is often used as an adjunct to diagnosing high blood pressure, but can be useful to analyse your heart rhythm or detect if you have coronary artery disease. It can even tell if you have had a heart attack. Subsequent requests can be made for 24 hour monitors to analyse your heart rhythm if necessary and any abnormalities that require further investigations are easily resolved by referring you to see a Cardiologist which Dr. WIlshere can arrange.



A wide range of treatments are available and Dr. Wilshere can discuss your requirements following your appointment. There are no additional charges for a prescription unlike many other providers, you simply pay the drug cost to the onsite pharmacy.

joint & soft tissue injections (steroid and local anaesthetics)


Joint Injections

After an initial GP appointment to assess your joint and ensure that an injection is both appropriate and safe to do, it may be possible for Dr. Wilshere to give you a steroid and local anaesthetic injection into your painful joint. The following joint injections are available;





Big toe


Carpel tunnel syndrome - this involves an injection in to the wrist to alleviate the pressure around the median nerve

Trigger finger - an injection in to the hand to alleviate problems with finger movement and locking of the finger

Tenosynovitis - an injection to settle the inflammation around the tendon

Tennis elbow - help alleviate pain in this common problem

Golfers elbow - less common but injections can help alleviate symptoms

Plantar fasciitis - an injection to the heel to help settle the pain

Bursitis - Bursa inflammations affecting the shoulder, hip and knee often respond very well to steroid injections



Spire Elland Hospital have a fantastic physio team and Dr. Wilshere can refer you to an experienced physio without so that you can begin your treatment and exercises without delay. 

onward referrals to specialists, Psychology and more


Sometimes you may need to see a specialist or other healthcare professional. Dr. Wilshere can refer you to the right specialist and with appointment waiting times being much better than perhaps you are used to, together we can help get you the help you need quickly. 

other services

Travel advice and prescriptions and some vaccinations.

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