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Health Check

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what does the health check involve

A comprehensive health check is available at the modern and relaxing comfort of the Springfield Suite at Spire Elland Hospital with Dr. Mark Wilshere. During this appointment he will explore your reasons for wanting a check and ensure your check is personalised and tailored to your needs.

Health checks include the following;

Full Medical & Surgical History + Medication History + Family History

+ Examination of;

Cardiovascular system including heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure

Respiratory system

Neurological system

Gastrointestinal system

Genitourinary system including urinalysis

Skin review if required to check any blemishes, moles or lesions

Joints and spine

Ear, nose and throat


Why do i need a health check?

If you are reading this then hopefully you already know the answer. We spend a lot of time ensuring are cars, boilers and even our teeth get yearly checks, but for many, checking your health is not considered. Whilst some feel it unnecessary, others believe that such checks are too expensive. But not with Dr. Wilshere, who wants to be able to provide an affordable and comprehensive health check to ensure that you continue to lead a full and healthy life well beyond retirement.



Only £175 for a full review and health MOT.


additional tests

Further investigations such as blood tests are available as add-ons to your health check and can be discussed during your health check appointment with Dr. Wilshere, who will ensure you get the most relevant tests for your needs. Prices are competitive and Spire Elland Hospital team can advise you further after your appointment. 


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