Knee Injections - From £95

Cortisone / Steroids

Knee Injections are very common and can be an invaluable source of pain relief and management of both acute and chronic knee conditions, including arthritis.

If you are experiencing Knee pain, whether you know what is causing it or not, Dr. Mark Wilshere will assess and examine you fully to find out why you are having difficulties and explore the possible solutions. One of these is the use of steroid injections into the joint space to alleviate the pain and swelling.

Injections into the knee contain a steroid (cortisone) and Dr. Wilshere also administers an anaesthetic at the same time to help with pain. Injections can give up to a few months of relief and can be highly effective.

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To see if you are suitable for a steroid knee injection, you will need to book an 'initial consultation' with Dr. Wilshere for a full history and examination. In some circumstances, further tests may be necessary such as x-rays, ultrasound or MRI scans. Once Dr. Wilshere is satisfied as to the cause of your pain, a subsequent appointment for a steroid and local anaesthetic injection can be made for only £95.