Travel Clinic 


Whether you are travelling near or far, Dr. Wilshere will be able to advise on vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis or general travel advice.

Appointments are for 30 minutes to review your travel areas and discuss which vaccinations, prophylaxis treatment or even emergency medication to take are appropriate. A full medical history will also be taken to check your health and ensure the travel advice is tailored to you and safe.

The preventative treatment is then discussed and agreed. Dr. Wilshere will then provide you with a free prescription or ask the onsite pharmacist to supply / order the vaccination.

Vaccinations unlike malaria prescriptions will usually need to be ordered by the pharmacist. This usually takes 1-2 days and once available, the Spire Elland team will arrange for you to see Dr. Wilshere again for the injection. Usual turnaround time is one week from initial consultation. For urgent requests, please contact the team and we will try to accommodate your needs.

30 minute appointments are only £120 and include a free prescription.